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A committed, passionate and dedicated team

All adults who work at Nelson, whatever their role, are committed, passionate and dedicated to supporting children and work together as a team to give our children the best possible opportunities and learning experiences.
Last updated October 2016


Anna Steels, Head Teacher
Lucy Wood, Deputy Head Teacher
Sian Ward, Assistant Head Teacher (including leadership of Upper Key Stage 2)
Hayley Lewis, Assistant Head Teacher (including leadership of Lower Key Stage 2)
Ellie Froud, Assistant Head Teacher (including leadership of Key Stage 1)
Lucia Lopez, Phase Leader for Early Years Foundation Stage)
Amanda Blunden, Inclusion Manager

Upper Key Stage 2, Years 5 & 6

Amy Pulman, Teacher 5P, Year Group Leader
Hannah Baynham, Teacher, Lead Teacher
Kate McDonald, Teacher 6M
Sian Ward, Teacher 6W
Teresa Garland, Teaching Assistant (1:1)
Andrew Howes, Teaching Assistant (1:1)
Shireen Baker, Teaching Assistant (1:1)
Lousie Gunter, Teaching Assistant (1:1)

Lower Key Stage 2, Years 3 & 4

Jessica Caspersz, Teacher 3C, Year Group Leader
Roma Shanmugam, Teacher 3S
Mary Newman, Teacher 3N
Hayley Lewis, Teacher 4Le
Allyson Lowe, Teacher 4Lo
Zoe Conlan, Teacher(0.5) and Lucy Wood (0.4), Teacher 4CW
Loraine Smith, Teaching Assistant (1:1)
Ornella Power, Teaching Assistant (1:1)

Key Stage 1, Year 1 & Year 2

Claire Johnson, Teacher 1J
Hannah Doyle, Teacher 1D
Fionnuala Howard, Teacher and Ellie Froud, Teacher (0.6) 1FH
Sarah Balmer, Teacher 2B Year Group Leader
Kavitha Haran, Teacher 2Ha
Rebecca Hack, teacher 2H
Ashifa Sumar, Teaching Assistant (1:1)
Debbie Doyle, Teaching Assistant (1:1)
Nita Shah, Teaching Assistant (1:1)

Early Years, Reception

Lucia Lopez, Early Years Leader Starfish
Elizabeth Rickman, Teacher Turtles
Rhian Kimber (Lewis), Teacher Dolphins
Lisa Small, Teaching Assistant Dolphins
Lisa Hill, Teaching Assistant Turtles
Joshua Keane, Teaching Assistant Starfish
Caroline Duncan, Teaching Assistant (1:1)

Emma Bartle, Nursery Teacher Seahorses & Jellyfish
Sally Webster, Teaching Assistant Seahorses and Jellyfish

Inclusion Team

Coleen Norman, Family Support Worker/Learning Mentor
Caroline Duncan, Learning Support Assistant
Loraine Smith, Learning Support Assistant

Specialist & Other Teachers

Liz Anderson, Music Teacher
Sarah King, Languages Teacher
Peter Abbott, PE Coach
James Houghton, PE Coach
Kane Taylor, PE Coach

Welfare & Pastoral

Michelle Robinson, Welfare Officer & Lead School Meals Supervisor
Debbie Ryan, Welfare Assistant & School Meals Supervisor Assistant

Administration & Site

Susannah Quick, School Business Manager
Angela Cavill, Finance Officer
Julie Smith, Administration Assistant
Chris Lal, Administration Assistant
Ashley Noel, Site Manager

School Meals Supervisor Assistants (SMSA)

Fran Adriaanzen
Pat Bishop
Toey Dewberry
Tina Malik
Sam Smith
Wendy Tinto
James Hawes
Alison Spagnoli
Beth Ackerman
Shifa Alom