'Nurturing One Another, Discovering Together, Inspiring All'

Safeguarding and Inclusion

PDF icon1Child Protection Policy September 2016

PDF icon1Safeguarding Appendix 2 September 2016

Intimate Care Policy March 2016PDF icon1

PDF icon1Behaviour Policy

Positive Handling & Physical Intervention Policy March 2016PDF icon1

PDF icon1Anti-bullying Policy

PDF icon1British values Policy 2015

PDF icon1Preventing Extremism and Radicalisation Policy September 2015

PDF icon1E-Safety Policy 2016

PDF icon1Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) Staff Agreement Form

PDF icon1Acceptable Use Agreement – parents

PDF icon1AUPs – Pupil Agreement KS1

PDF icon1AUPs – Pupil Agreement KS2

PDF icon1Supporting Medical Needs in School December 2015

PDF icon1Volunteer handbook Feb 2016

Volunteer AgreementPDF icon1

PDF icon1Attendance & Punctuality Policy 2016

PDF icon1Accessibility Policy and Equalities Plan

PDF icon1Nelson Inclusion Policy

PDF icon1English as an Additional Language Policy

Curriculum Policies

PDF icon1Collective Worship Policy June 2015

PDF icon1Calculation Policy

PDF icon1NPS understanding of Mathematical Fluency, Problem Solving and Reasoning

Home Learning Policy_Jan 2015PDF icon1

PDF icon1 Physical Education & Sports Policy

PDF icon1 Sex and Relationship Policy January 2015

Teaching, Learning & Assessment

PDF icon1Learning and Teaching Policy 2016

PDF icon1Appendix 1 -Next Step marking Examples

PDF icon1Appendix 2 – Bloom’s Taxonomy question types

PDF icon1Appendix 3 – Feedback symbols Rec_1

PDF icon1Appendix 4 – Feedback symbols

PDF icon1Appendix 5 – KS2 English Marking Posters

PDF icon1Teaching and Learning policy (explanations)

PDF icon1Marking Policy February 2016

PDF icon1Assessment Principles March 2015

 Organisational, Policies & Procedures

PDF icon1Charging and Remissions Policy November 2015

PDF icon1Health and Safety Policy 2014

PDF icon1Educational Trips and Visits Policy June 2015

PDF icon1Lettings Policy November 2015

PDF icon1Lettings Conditions of Hire 2015-16

PDF icon1Publication Scheme 2015 

PDF icon1Whistle Blowing Policy 2015

PDF icon1Complaints Policy Jan 2015

PDF icon1Financial Statements 2013-14 The Waldegrave Trust

 Financial Statements 2014-15 The Waldegrave TrustPDF icon1

PDF icon1      Nelson Primary School Equal Opportunities Statement