Mindup is a research-based development course which focuses on providing children with strategies to improve their behavior and learning as they develop their understanding on how the brain works. This provides the children with opportunities to develop strategies on focusing their attention, improving their self-regulation skills, build resilience to stress and develop a positive mind-set in both school and life. Mind up is taught weekly and through daily brain break sessions.

Lucy – ‘Mind up has taught me what I need to do to calm down. It helps me to clear my brain so that I am more focused.’

Amy – ‘When your Amygdala is tense it shakes up. To calm down you have to relax and put all of your thoughts into a box to deal with another day.’

Rhys- ‘In Mind up we have learnt about the amygdala, by looking at a glitter bottle. When your amygdala is tense it shakes up and it is hard to make the right choice. To calm down you have to relax.’


For more information please visit: http://thehawnfoundation.org/learning-community/children-young-people/mind-your-brain/

Getting to know your brain

Martha explains the MindUP brain model

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