Our cycling proficiency teachers were the best!  they were called:  Mike, David, Pan and Nina.  We did level 2 Cycling.  It was a lot of fun.  We learned how to do U-turns and we also did some cycling on the main roads like Nelson Road and down Whitton High Street.  We were in two groups, group A and group B.  We also cycled on the school playground on Monday (the first day).  That was also a lot of fun.  When we got nearer the end of our opportunity, we went cycling one-by-one.  I went with Pam.  she was very nice.  My instructors for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday were Mike and David.​  I had an amazing time cycling but everything in life has an end.  I’m very thankful that Mike, David, Pam and Nina used their time to improve our cycling strategies and teach us to become safe cyclists. Sajida 6M

On Wednesday, 12th October, we were part of the amazing team that participated in the Tag Rugby Tournament.  Unfortunately the day started on a low, as the grass was wet and we were cold and muddy. (Luckily we had our jumpers to keep us warm!)  We soon played our first match and didn’t have much luck.  We played really well, but the other team was better.  After a few games, we eventually got knocked out.  It didn’t matter though – we were very happy with our performance and came back with big smiles on our faces. Lottie and Jessica 6M

The cycling proficiency was fabulous. It was a great experience! I would definitely recommend it. Here are some reasons why:

  • ​I got to do it with my friends
  • The instructors were really fun
  • You get taught A LOT (things you don’t know)

You get to spend time on your bike (which is very fun)

If you I could rate it, I would give it 9/10. You also get to cycle on the road- yes on the road!

By Megan 6W

The cycling proficiency was a great experience and I had an amazing time. The reasons it was so great are:

  • ​​You get to spend your afternoon on your bike
  • You get fresh air

The instructors are great

If I was to rate it out of 10, it would be 9 1/2 out of 10. I loved it so much. I especially loved how we rode down not just side roads but main roads. I highly recommend it. By Lola 6W

I think our rugby sessions on Thursday mornings are good as they help to improve our skills and some people may have an interest in rugby but never knew it as they didn’t try it before. Another reason I think the rugby is good is you learn team-work and cooperation. Also you may have a chance to work with different people. On a Thursday morning normally a different instructor comes down each week so you get to know more than one instructor. Also, you take part in mini tournaments so you wont be scared if you play in a tournament against another school. During the sessions, we play a game called “Rats and Rabbits” where you split up into two lines and one is called rats and one is called rabbits. Then the instructor will call on of the liens and then that line will run to the cones closest to where you are. The other team will try and catch the other side. In this I think it is good for speed and awareness . By Charlie 6W

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