Over the last few weeks Year 4 have immersed themselves in the world of the Romans.  Through the use of many skills, including, research skills to find out what made them such a powerful fighting force, design and aspects of their lives.

Year 4’s learning was enhanced by taking part in a Roman day.  From Emperors to centurions, Roman goddesses to senators we saw all walks of life.   The children took part in a range of activities.  They enjoyed taking on the role of Roman CSI investigators, trying to discover who killed Julius Cesar.  They made oil lamps with clay and also took part in a competition to see who could make a catapult fling a marble the furthest.  The day culminated with a decadent Roman feast of bread, cheese, ham, grapes and wine (grape juice).  Many thanks to the parents who made this possible.

year 4 1

year 4 2

year 4 3

year 4 4




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