On Tuesday, Year 6 went to Bushy Park for Junior Citizen.  First of all, we were greeted by very kind people who would tell us what to do.  Afterwards, we were put into our groups.  We immediately began our activities, and they were so much fun.  We learnt what to do in an emergency and who to call.  All of us got the chance to volunteer and talk to either a policeman, fireman or an ambulance.  My favourite activity was when I got to crawl around on the floor as you would do in a real fire.  I’m sure everyone who went to Bushy Park gained a lot of knowledge.  It was a very memorable day.  Article by Keziah 6M

Junior Citizen was really helpful.  It had some brilliant tips and skills.  The activities you do are really realistic.  Three of the activities are so realistic, it actually makes you feel like you are actually there!  If I could do it more than once, I would. Article by Charlie 6M.

On Tuesday, we went to Hampton Wick Cricket Club and practised what to do in emergency situations and how to be a good citizen. Some of the activities were pop quizzes, some of them made us think about how to help people who were in danger or injured and some of them were about how to keep ourselves out of trouble or danger. One of the scenarios was about what to do if someone was drowning in the River Thames! Lots of scenarios included calling 999 (on phones that only contacted fake emergency services) but it was really exciting. So overall, it was a very fun school trip.  Article by Sienna 6W

On Tuesday, we went to Hampton Wick Cricket Club to become good junior citizens. There were 10 activities:

-Trying to solve an investigation

-what to do if there was a fire (to get out of the building, first use the back of your hand to check the door. If it is cold, you can go out. Remember to take a phone with you and make sure everyone is out of the building. NEVER go back in unless it is safe and call 999. If it is warm then open a window and shout help.

-what to do if someone is stuck in the River Thames

-how to behave on a bus (always respect the driver because they will respect you back)

-how to make your own route to different places

-a pop quiz from a policeman about bullying

-a scenario about how to report someone stealing your mobile phone

-what to do if someone is unconscious

They gave us goodie bags at the end and they contained: a ruler, some safety guides and a high visibility jacket. It was a very fun trip! Article by Istafeelah 6W

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