Year 5 have reached their final week learning about the Rainforest. To showcase their learning, from both NLC and English, they have written their own adventure stories set in the Amazon.

The children have combined their knowledge of the rainforest, such as its climate, plants and animals, with their writing skills to produce an engaging and exciting story.

As writers, Year 5 know how important it is to draw the audience in straight away and so they trialled 7 different ways of writing an effective ‘hook’: describe a character; describe the setting; describe a character and the setting; dialogue; action; a question; and a statement.

Here are some examples of the techniques being put into practice:

Statement: Alex was lost. She was separated from the only person that could help her. (Alicia 5B)

Question: Do you ever feel like you want to flush your twin down the toilet? (Evie and Ellie 5P)

Describe the setting: The beautiful island of Lumbago. Palm trees swaying, water shimmering and sand glistening. But on that island there was something scary. Something dangerous. Something…terrifying! (Yusuf 5B)

Dialogue: “We’re here, we’re here, we’re here!” Arya was leaning so far out of the window; Emily was scared that she might fall out. (Arya 5P)

You’ll have to wait a little longer to hear the complete stories from Year 5 but we hope you’ve been ‘hooked’!


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