Year 3 went back in time to Ancient Greece this week! As they transformed into Ancient Greek girls and boys, they enjoyed a day of dancing, art and food tasting. After listening to some well-known Greek music, they learnt some dance moves which would have been performed during the Ancient Greek times. They had the chance to taste different Greek foods and then made some delicious meals using these ingredients! During their NLC lessons, Year 3 became potters! They learnt how the Ancient Greeks told us about their way of life through artwork on their clay pots. They became historians and used different sources of evidence to learn more about Greek art. After looking at many different Ancient Greek pots they were able to tell each other what they could find out about life in the past. Some of the pots showed them what the Olympics was like, others showed how Ancient Greeks made and collected food. Using their research, the children designed their own Greek pot, thinking carefully about the patterns and the way of life they wanted to show. Following some careful planning, Year 3 used clay to mould and create their pots. There were so many interesting shapes and sizes! Selecting their tools carefully, they went on to paint the designs onto their pots and each pot tells us a little bit about life in Ancient Greece. Year 3 have loved being historians and are now experts on life in Ancient Greece!

year 3 1

year 3 2




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